We felt the real need to create a Retreat for singles ages 30s 40s and 50s to meet other like-minded singles from all over the world in a warm, comfortable and safe environment. The events we have offered are designed to stimulate your mind and body to explore the opportunities of connecting with a potential soulmate and to become part of a new shared international community. We will be putting you in touch with some of the World’s leading ”Mentors ” to discuss the “Art of Relationships. These workshops will be lead by some of the brightest and most capable educators. The key is to offer you a variety of quality experiences which will help you grow and become more open connect with others.
We want to create a truly international selection of Singles. There are 50 places for women and 50 for men:
10% from the UK
40% from the USA
15% from Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina)
15% from Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy)
10% from South Africa and
10% from Australia
There will also be a selection of none resident Israeli singles attending.
The Daniel Hotel is a 5-star resort Spa set on the beautiful beaches of Herzliya, a 20 min ride from Tel Aviv. With 2 large swimming pools, an indoor and outdoor, and an extensive Spa and gourmet food, it is the perfect backdrop to contain the energy we will be creating on this Retreat.  You can either elect to stay at the Daniel Hotel, or at one of the less expensive hotels or apartments nearby and come in each day for the activities, lectures and workshops.
The program is split into 3 distinct sections
Thursday 9 June and Friday 10 June – Getting to know each other and fun
Shabbat 11 June and Shavuot 12 June – The Spiritual section lead by our Scholar in Residence and Rabbi Laibl Wolf
Monday 13 Tuesday 14 and Wed 15 June – Relationship Workshops
Wed 15 June Evening – Closing Ceremony
Thursday 16 June – Trip to Amuka, Tzfat and Galilee with Boat trip on the Kinneret
We will be offering a Second Day Yom Tov for those overseas visitors who elect to celebrate the second day. This will overlap with the first of the 3 Workshop days and we will ensure that those workshops will not require any writing.
Click here for bios on the expert trainers.
We will be taking a tour of the North of Israel on Thursday 16 June.  Leaving early in the morning we will stop off at Amuka to pray at the grave that promises to bless us with the most appropriate partner. Then we will stop off in the spiritual historical town of Tzfat to see the arts and crafts there.  Finally we will come down to the Galilee and take a romantic boat ride on the Kinneret.
Mehadrin sourced with Rabbanut supervised in the Daniel Hotel.
All transportation within Israel is included.
It is your responsibility to arrive at the Daniel Hotel in Hertzliya– flights to and from Israel are not included.
The package is based on 2 people sharing a room – you can select a friend to share with or leave it to us to arrange an appropriate roommate for you. Or, for an additional surcharge, you can have your own room. We have arranged a discounted rate for all our registered members at the Daniel Hotel. The cost per room from 9-16 June is $2400 for two people sharing ($1200 each). This includes Breakfast each day and half board to cover your evening meal. For Shabbat and Shavuot, you will enjoy full board (Breakfast Lunch and Dinner) within this price. Payment for the rooms will be taken by the hotel using your preferred credit card and this will be processed by Shiri Kornbuth (tel +972 52 886 1995) to ensure that you have a suitable sharing partner.
Yes we have designed the package to allow you to stay at friends, family or cheaper nearby hotels or in Apartments with Airbnb and still be able to attend the retreat. We have done this in order to make this amazing experience accessible to anyone who wants to keep their overall cost down. However if you can afford the $1200 per person for the Daniel Hotel, we believe your overall experience will be greatly enhanced.
We wanted to pick a week that we know many might be taking off work. Shavuot is a very special and spiritual time of the year, when we commemorate the giving of the Torah to the Jewish People. It is an opportune time to review what we really want to invite into our lives and to consider what it would take to attract the most appropriate partner into our lives.
If your children are over 10, then we have arranged activities and supervision for them so that their needs are taken care of whilst you are free to enjoy the events and activities of the Retreat which are designed to introduce you to like-minded singles from across the world. There is an additional US $500 supplement per child.
Yes we are aiming for 50% men and 50% women and will limit to 60 any one gender.
Primarily Modern Orthodox but it is open to anyone who is Jewish who will respect the laws and rituals of Shabbat and Yom Tov. The important criteria is that we invite people who are available and open to the opportunity of meeting and connecting with someone special.
We are delighted to have Dr Rabbi Laibl Wolf of Melbourne Australia, author of the best-seller Practical Kabbalah, who has lectured in over 500 cities across the globe, and Yael Unterman of Jerusalem, author of two acclaimed books and an international lecturer and workshop facilitator.
Our intention is to create a natural environment for people to meet and engage in debate, discussion and tasks which are designed to help you grow and to observe people in various situations to better assess their suitability as a potential partner. Yoga and “Mussar through Movement” will be held separately for men and women – otherwise all other activities will be mixed in order to allow you to really meet and integrate with the rest of the group.
Yoga activities will be offered in separate rooms for men and women – otherwise all other activities will be mixed in order to allow you to really meet and integrate with the rest of the group.
We will be offering a Nature tour that looks at the miracle of nature and discovers what lessons we can learn from the study of nature  to apply to our lives and our relationships.
This is the first Relationship Retreat for ”Succat Shalom”,which is why we have secured the skills of Shiri Kornbluth of Shiri Events, who has successfully run almost 15 Pesach and other events over the last 10 years. Shiri will be handling all your bookings and needs before, during and after your stay with us at the Retreat.
You can apply by simply clicking here and filling in the application form on our web site or by calling Shiri on +972 52 886 1995 or emailing shirilk1@gmail.comremember all applicants who reserve BEFORE Purim on 23 March will save up to $450.