Our Mission

272-600450Shlomo Godsi is a successful businessman with degrees from Imperial College, London Business School with exchange to Stanford University, and 20 years’ experience in the Designer Fashion industry and, more recently, in the Service Apartment industry.

A Ba’al Teshuva of some 20 years, Shlomo has a passion for learning and hosts 4 weekly learning opportunities at his home, including the learning of the Tanya, Pachad Yitchak, Sforno, Rb Ovadia Yoseph z”l.  He has a passion to facilitate the reclaiming of our lost sacred act of Jewish Meditation and recently invited leading educators, Rabbi Joseph Dweck and Rabbi Heller, to speak on the matter.

Recently divorced with 4 children, Shlomo noticed how challenging it was for singles between the ages of 35-55 to meet like-minded singles who are Shomer Shabbat and Kashrut from all over the world. Particularly once  introductions to local residents had been exhausted. There was also a recognition that meeting someone for coffee or over dinner does not always provide a sound foundation for compatibility, and that observing them interacting with others in a more natural environment is often a better measure.

Having consulted with leading Rabonim such as Rabbi Yaakov Hillel in Jerusalem, and with experienced matchmakers like Marissa Gross, Shlomo decided to create a unique Retreat for Singles between the ages of 35-55 in Herzeliya this Shavuot 5776.

This is NOT a typical Singles Holiday. This is a fusion of classic Rabbinic Chinuch with contemporary techniques in personal growth and development. It is a unique and innovative opportunity to bring together 100 great singles from across the world, to engage, debate, discuss and be challenged to grow and facilitate the growth of others, in a warm, safe and natural environment from which to assess the suitability of a potential partner. We will be creating a community of like-minded spirits to connect in a deep and meaningful way.

We will be putting you in touch with some of the World’s leading ”Mentors ” to discuss the “Art of Relationships”.


Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf – Australia
Robert Friedman – New York
Kara Mckay – California
Yael Unterman – Israel
Leonard Carr – South Africa
“Succat Shalom” is the initiative created to brand personal growth and spiritual tourism opportunities. Our mission is to offer enlightened experiences from the heart, to touch the soul.