Succat Shalom is delighted to extend to you an exclusive invitation to our “ART OF ELEVATION” Retreat, in the DEAD SEA on 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2020.


This is our 14th retreat and will take place 30 Jan – 2 Feb. Our 4 day (3 night) retreat will start on Thursday 30 Jan with registration at 14.00 followed by a short trek to watch the beautiful sunset at 17.00. The Retreat will end on Sunday 2 Feb at 16.00pm.


The retreat will take place in one of the most spectacular vistas overlooking the Dead Sea. Located 20 km north of Ein Gedi,  Metzukey Drakot is a natural haven of tranquillity and peace. A perfect location to detox from the stress of modern life and to achieve the ground breaking transformation we are hoping to facilitate.


We have pre-booked 6 apartments, with 3 beds in each apartment with bathroom and kitchenette. So you will be sharing an apartment with 2 other participants.

The property is offers the most magnificent view of the Dead Sea, a haven for birds and Ibex. There is a large and beautiful Succah where we will be holding most of our meditation and personal growth sessions. It’s also a perfect location to marvel at the art and colours of the Creator as the sun sets each night.

Why Now:

Why Now:

Every soul needs the sun (especially in the winter) and every Body needs to replenish the Vitamin D that the sun gracefully offers.


During the Retreat, we will be serving 2 healthy meals a day. A large breakfast served between 7.00-8.00am and a nutritional hot dinner served at 7.00pm. You are welcome to bring your own snacks during the day.


The meals will be prepared by Metzukey Drakot under the kashrut of Rab Landau.


You will be sharing this magical experience with a selected number of other like-minded participants from across the world. The retreat is open to all ages and all status.


Eliezer Newman:

Our beloved Eliezer Newman will guide us through a series of 3 experiential sessions aimed at helping us to visualise our lives through an Elevated prospective. From that vantage point, we will also learn to recognise the fears and constraints we are still holding on to, that no longer serve us, and Eliezer will help us let them go. This is Eliezer’s 8th Retreat with us and we keep invite him back because he is so good at gently allowing us to perceive ourselves from a new perspective of clarity. His particular expertise is in teaching us how to balance our male and female energies. This is an intimate group and we often learn from the sharing of other participants on the group.

Danny Zahavi: Danny is an experienced tour and trekking guide. I have gone on many treks with him and always felt safe and well taken care of. Please see his video below with his advice on the level of difficulty of the trek we will be attempting on Sunday and what kind of equipment you should be bringing with you. There is also a milder trek for those that don’t quite feel that adventurous also with great views. If you are fit and healthy then do give the main trek a go – it offers the most stunning views and a real sense of Elevation.

Shlomo Godsi: Shlomo will be conducting the Art Therapy session, inviting you to express your inner visions using your creative mind. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding to glimpse into the hidden messages behind each of your paintings.

Shalom Lebowitz: Shalom is a very talented musician and composer. He is in the process of producing his own album and has led several Birth-right groups. His soul flies when he sings. Shalom will be leading us on a campfire style musical journey to our soul.

Why The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is the located 400 m below sea level and is the lowest place on this earth and so has the highest concentration of oxygen and minerals in the world – it a great place to bask in during the winter sun and the views are just stunning..


  1. The Program

Full 4 Day Program including all activities cost NIS 750

If you can’t come for the full 4 days, you can attend all the sessions at a Rate of NIS 250 pre day without accommodation and food. Payment for the program will be made to Succat Shalom via pay pal or credit card – Payment for the accommodation and food will be paid directly to Metzoke Drakot when you arrive.

  1. The Accommodation and Food

You have 2 options for accommodation and food

Option AShared Tent Experience – Metzoke Drakot have a number of large tents with air conditioned heating and beds. These tents can be partitioned where necessary – you will need to bring your own sleeping bag / sheets and pillows – Cost is NIS 90 per person per night without food – Breakfast is 30 NIS and Dinner is NIS 80 – or you can prepare your own food at their communal kitchens

Option B – Shared Apartments – Metzoke Drakot have a number of shared apartments with air conditioned heating and proper beds already dressed with duvets pillow and sheets, so no need to bring anything else with you. There are 3 beds in each apartment. The Cost is 770 NIS per person for the 3 nights including Breakfast and Dinner.

Please note that payments for accommodation and food will be made directly to Metzoke Drakot when you arrive.

Retreat Timetable (subject to change).


We are already half a minyan so we are hoping to have a small Sefer Torah with us as well as a Baal Kore (subject to another 5 men participating)


Friends this promises to be an amazing, possibly life changing retreat. The ability to co-look at our lives from this Elevated perspective is a rare gift and will give you the clarity you need to conduct your life in the most fulfilled way. Co-Creating our new reality is perhaps the greatest gift that Hashem has given us. Come join us and let us together, perceive the beauty in ourselves and in each other. Come and break through the walls of our resistance, so that we can bask in Hashem’s blessings, and become the awesome divine beings we were born to be. I really hope you can join us and give yourself this most precious of gifts!

Payment Options:

Retreat Program 4 days excluding accommodation and food 750 NIS

Daily rate for those coming for less than the 4 days – 250 NIS per day x no of days

Please note that the accommodation and food costs will be paid directly to Metzoke Dragot on arrival.    www.metzoke.co.il

STEP 1: To book now, please fill in the booking form below:

STEP 2: Select your Payment Option and secure your reservation.

Please note that payments for accommodation and food will be made directly to Metzoke Drakot www.metzoke.co.il

Timetable (subject to change)


What Others Are Sharing About Their Experience With Succat Shalom Institute

I spent half a day in Jerusalem with Succatshalom last year.
It was so well planned, with meetings with various members of the Knesset and journalists.
Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim in such a way was thoroughly uplifting.
Well done to all the team and in particular to Shlomo who took care to make sure each of us felt really special and included.
Charles Z.
I have participated in several of the (events), organised by Succat shalom for example Rabbi Heller on the Tania has been very inspiring. Personally, It has given me spiritual growth and inspiration to learn more about Kabala and Jewish Studies…
Taking part in these Jewish studies have added great value and meaning into my life. I am grateful to Mr. Shlomo Godsi for all his hard work for organising and hosting these wonderful lessons.
Marcelle G.
I had the privilege to attend … My only regret is missing on the ones I was unable to attend as each and everyone of them, is enriching and fulfilling.
To be able to learn so much in a friendly environment is a ZECHUT and as such I appreciate all the effort Shlomo does in co-ordinating all the various topics and get the best speakers to teach us.
Sassie R.
Shlomo’s vision for personal development and creating connection, perfectly aligns the elements of experiential learning, profound personal growth and fun. Wishing him every success for both the Herzliya retreat this Shavuot as well as for Succot.
Daniel Frohwein, Personal & Business Impact Specialist. London, England.
‘I attended the laughter experience, not sure what it was going to be like and knowing this could be out of my comfort zone. But I have to say by the end of the evening I laughed so much that it did me a world of good emotionally, physically and mentally’
“Thanks for organizing the trip and bringing international singles together. Quite an accomplishment!”
I was lucky enough to spend a Shabbat with Shlomo and It was really an incredible Shabbat!! The food was amazing, the hospitality, the conversations, that we had at the Shabbat meals, were great. Tzfat is just an incredible place. There is a feeling of spirituality and calmness that is almost tangible and I loved every moment of the Shabbat!! Thank you so much, Shlomo and I look forward to coming again soon!! Thank you for an amazing Shabbat!
Yosef W.
“I was lucky enough to spend a Shabbat with Shlomo and It was really an incredible Shabbat!! The food was amazing the hospitality the conversations that we had at the Shabbat meals were great. tZfat is just an incredible
place there is a feeling of spirituality and calmness that is almost tangible and I loved every moment of the Shabbat!!than you so much Shlomo and I look forward to coming again soon!! Thank you for an amazing Shabbat!”
Yosef W.
“Hey Shlomo, I wanted to thank you for providing and hosting such a lovely and memorable Shabbat dinner. I had such a good time and felt so welcomed in your home. You have a wonderful heart and I’m grateful to have met you. Stay in touch:)”